Tuesday, January 24, 2006

CNN Accuses American Idol of Anti-Fagotism

The crack commandos at CNN are running this article today about the season premier of American Idol, and how GLADD thinks several comments made by the judges were homophobic. In particlar, they discuss Randy Jackson's comment toward a particular mister-sister when he asked "are you a girl?" and it responded "no but everyone asks me that" -- and then proceeded to sing "Queen of the Night".

Buddy, at least change the lyrics, aight? On Opie and Anthony yesterday, Patrice O'Neil talked about how when a guy sings a girl song like that, he has every right to change the lyrics. His proof was to break into a male rendition of "It's Raining Men" and improvised a song called "It's Raining Stuff".

To answer the question that no one is asking, "Is Idol Homophobic?" No, it's just a fucking gay show. Stop watching it and let all of the talentless attention whores return to their karaoke bars. My existence is not one bit richer because Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken recorded an album.



Justin said...

I know Reagan would agree with you on this one

the Alpha John said...

Reagan was a sissy who wores womens underwear.

Justin said...

Don't you have work to do? Shouldn't you be setting in motion your job elimination followed by consulting to get people there correct 1099s??

thecardaddy said...

yea...the queen of the night thing was kinda crazy. i sort of agree with your post except for the fact that "since you've been gone" is more addictive than crystal meth, yo.