Saturday, January 07, 2006

Skilift Chatter

The football and I went skiing today, and the lift proved to be an endless source of amusement. Three guys in front of us on one ride threw about 20 snowballs at the people skiing below us, including two ski patrol and a rather serious gentleman who yelled "jackass" back up at them when he figured out what was going on.

The funnest moment was probably our conversation about my upcoming vacation:

AJ: The thing is, while London would be cool, I've been there a few
times now. The first time was really cool because I always wanted to
see Stonehenge, and I did. The last time was cool because I always
wanted to go to Ireland, and I did. There's not really anyplace I want
to see, no destination within the destination to look forward to.
FB: Really? There's no place you want to go.
AJ: The only place I'd really like to visit that I haven't is Germany, but my German stinks and I wouldn't be comfortable going by myself.
FB: That would be fun, what would you do there?
AJ: I'd really like to tour a concentration camp.
FB: [laughs] What the fuck? I don't think you can tour them.
AJ: I think you can.
FB: What are you going to do there? Cry?
AJ: No.
FB: Laugh?
AJ: Maybe take notes...
FB: [laughs] You're completely fucked up.
AJ: Think about it. What if I met my future ex-wife there? Maybe she's
some kind of documentarian and historian, and she's there taking notes
too. She and I are the only people smart enough to take notes on the

For the record, there are Concentration Camp Tours that one can take, and the notes I was planning to take are for the robot death camps that Fluffy will place us all in one day.

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