Monday, January 02, 2006

Comedian Jim Norton

How have I been unaware of Jim Norton's blog for all this time? And apparently in the last couple months, all the comedians on the planet have gone to MySpace while Opie and Anthony now stream video out of the studio through PalTalk.

Jim Norton on Rich Vos's wedding:

One of the more irritating aspects of this sudden upheaval was that two days after arriving in LA I was scheduled to fly to Edmonton, Canada for Rich Vos’ wedding. I was his best man so I was sort of obligated to be there. I was supposed to be settled and unpacked; instead I am in a small hotel room with all of these fucking dumb possessions and no where to put them. And the fact this dummy had to get married in Edmonton really made me want to decapitate him. There is NO convenient way to get there. Continental has more direct flights to Karachi than they do to this shit hole. I booked a flight from LA through Minneapolis then up to Canada on Northwest (my other options were Air Canada and Alaska Air. I’d sooner mail myself in a FedEx box then get on either one of these airlines, ever). It was a 9 hour trip each way because of the 3 hour fucking layovers. I spent every moment in that awful Minneapolis airport fantasizing about bashing Rich’s brains in with a large rock.


Apparently it’s traditional that the groom give the best man a gift (more of a pay off so you don’t yell, “Don’t do this, you dumb motherfucker!” in the middle of the ceremony.) He gave me a beautiful Tanagro watch. It really is nice (worth $2,500 according to subtle, classy Rich Vos). This watch was one of the gifts from the Oscar gift basket he got writing for Chris Rock last year. It’s filled with great stuff; 5 star hotel suite stays, a $1,500 Morton’s dinner, trips and jewelry and other lovely gift certificates. (He’s lucky the baskets didn’t reflect good material actually contributed or his would have contained 2 prosthetic cocks and a Swatch).

That's my little Jimmy Norton. ::tussle:: ::tussle::

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