Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brunch :: the new black

A very productive Sunday if I do say so myself.

Annie and I met at Spring Hill at 11:30am for about 90 minutes of real intense swimming. There was a whole lot of pulling, though no so much with the kicking after skiing 8 hours on Saturday. We chatted with her brother (who also works there) for a bit before we rolled over to Cafe Deluxe.

I am a foodie, I like food. There are times when I'm starving and I don't want to feed myself because it's too much of a chore, but having grown up in resturants I came to acquire more than just a primal interest in what I put in my mouth. Though I love a good Manhattan Sandwich or an $1186.00 dinner at Morton's, my favorite meal is brunch, and one of my favorite brunches is at Cafe Deluxe.

After a long swim, with a huge pit in your stomach, what could possibly...POSSIBLY hit the spot better than coffee, a screw driver, a ham and cheese omlet with home fries and a biscuit, and to wash it all down we shared an apple crisp ala mode? My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Annie chatted for a couple hours before Annie we went to pick her up a pair of shoes for an interview. We parted ways and I went to Home Depot to get more cedar for the closet I'm working on, then went to Wegmans to get groceries for the week. The foodie in me went a little out of control as usual, then I went home to install my new door locks and deadbolts and do some laundry.

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Annie said...

I love being the subject of blogging. The world must know our every move.