Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Urban Planning

I was in a meeting last Wednesday with 20 (twenty!) IT professionals here about Banner, our key enterprise system that handles financials, human resources, purchasing, and all the student information. Two directors, eight managers, and ten senior technical people didn't "have the whole picture" and "couldn't get their arms around all the pieces".

I've been here since October, and I could kick Banner's fat ass in dodge ball.

Some of these same people though are very touchy-feely. There are lots of women here, and lots of discussions about hair and makeup. I came up with a solution and discussed with my boss Kirsten this morning:

theAlphaJohn: what [our department] really needs is that spectacular black girl who gets her hair and nails done every week, never repeats an outfit, and could kill every roach in NYC with her shoes
Kirsten: LMAO
Kirsten: i know that type
Kirsten: that is sooooo funny
theAlphaJohn: someone to really raise the bar around here on personal grooming
Kirsten: god that was great
Kirsten: you are killn me...shit that was great
theAlphaJohn: that would stop all that hair and makeup talk...for real yo
theAlphaJohn: someone to school all the white girls on how unhip they are
theAlphaJohn: all the sudden they would care about how all the pieces of Banner fit together, cause Buhsandra ain't havin any of that computer talk...she got plans to make for this weekend.
Kirsten: lmao
theAlphaJohn: nuh uhh
theAlphaJohn: she be on the phone fighting with her bank: "I shouldn't have to pay no finance changes cause I didn't get no bill!"

If you are that person, please visit and send in your resume.

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