Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Vacation (all I ever wanted...)

Since I'm going to be at NVCC this semester, I'm taking my usual spring break vacation from work and hitting the road. So far my thoughts are:

(1) London, with maybe an excursion to Manchester and/or Liverpool
(2) Amsterdam, though not for an entire week
(3) A Eurotrash Adventure, fly into Amsterdam and stay 2 days each in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London
(4) California, to Los Angeles and/or San Francisco
(5) Skiing (Snow Shoe Perhaps)
(6) A spa/ranch vacation
(7) Watching the first season of The OC on DVD in my underwear



Anonymous said...

Go to Liverpool. Tell people you're the "Fifth Beatle".

Anonymous said...

I hear Brokeback Mountain is lovely this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Vegas Baby!!! G-spOt